Dickies Men's Hooded Jacket

by wootbot


"The cops are gonna figure out we escaped, Scrott. We can't just hunker down by this pond forever. What are we gonna do?"

"It's alright, Chorles. I've got a plan. Put this on."

"This is just a jacket."

"WRONG. It's a Duck jacket."

"Not following you."

"Don't you see? You put this on and boom: We're disguised as ducks. We'll totally blend in."

"What? No. That's not what this is. Read the tag. This is a Dickies Men's Sanded Duck Hooded Jacket. 'Duck' is just one adjective in a series of words used to describe this jacket. That doesn't mean we'll look anything like two ducks. It's not an invisibility cloak or something. How do you think this works? What kind of criminal mastermind ARE you? I thought you were a brilliant art thief and a master of disguise."

"Er … Yeah, about that … I may have exaggerated a little."


"The art heist? Well, I stole a life-sized cardboard cutout of Daniel Day Lewis at a movie theater. Then I hid in the women's restroom."

"I'm turning myself in."