Doubledown Ace 4 Hitch Bike Rack

by wootbot

The longest two minutes of your life.

Oh, sure. I know what you're thinking: "A bike rack quality inspector? How interesting could that be?"

You probably think I spend my whole day intently watching over an endless stream of belts and knobs and buttons. That I stare at brackets for hours on end saying things like, "This tilting mechanism needs more swivel linkage shifts."

I bet you believe I sit around agonizing about widgets that are mere millimeters wide.

Are the widgets wide enough? Are they TOO wide?

Yep, you probably have an image of me, don't you, that I'm the sort of person who hovers over scattered pieces of the rack, meticulously searching for divots in the locking cable.

Ultimately, I'm guessing you assume that my work is entirely dull.

But nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, just the other day, we had to stop everything because there was a GAP IN THE KEY BRACKET!!


Aw man, it's already time to switch tables. This was fun, though. I don't know why people say speed-dating is lame.