Dyson AM01 12" Table Fan - Silver

by wootbot

Yes We Fan

A fan without blades? We're through the paneless looking-glass here, people.

It's like a car without wheels, a pie without crust, Van Halen without Sammy Hagar. A fan that won't clip your fingers if you get your hand too close? A fan that won't make your voice sound like a robot? A fan that won't cast picturesque shadows on the wall of a private eye's office?

Believe it. The Dyson AM01 uses some form of witchery called "Air Multiplier technology" to create a magic vortex of wind and joy. Safe for kids, easy to clean, energy efficient, no unpleasant gusts up in your face: truly our age is one of marvels.

"Hey, Woot, hold on," maybe you're saying. "This 'bladeless fan' idea isn't new. In fact, you've sold this very fan before. Don't you have anything new to say?" Yes, as a matter of fact, we did have something new to say. But we decided not to when you started in with that attitude.  We hope you're pleased with yourself.