Dyson DC25 Animal

by wootbot


Cleanliness comes with consequences. 

Ever since purchasing his Dyson DC25 Animal, Eric had not stopped vacuuming. The vacuum had been on for nearly five days. He and his wife, Lorraine, slept in shifts so that one could keep the vacuum going at all hours. 

Their home looked spotless, and not only that, it smelled spotless. It felt spotless. They walked around all day, but their socks remained pure white. 

"It's so clean in here!" Lorraine said in a raised voice over the hum of the vacuum after a week of cleaning.

"I guess we could power it down!" said Eric.

Lorraine turned it off. The silence was deafening. And that wasn't even the worst of it. The stillness of no longer holding the lightly vibrating handle of the vacuum brought on actual muscle pain. 

Eric and Lorraine learned that day that there is a price to cleanliness.