Dyson DC41 All Floors Vacuum - 3 Colors

by wootbot

Sadly True

41. The most awkward age.

You think 13 is awkward? HA! Try 41! At least at 13 you still know all the cool slang and can be tried as a minor for most of your mistakes. But when you're 41? For all you know the word "Dyson" means "coolest thing ever" and the words "All Floors" refers to some new social app that people use to get dates!

Heard about a new band playing a new style of music, 41? Really? TOO BAD, IT WAS OUTDATED SIX MONTHS BEFORE. Noticed your old fashions coming back into style? WHOOPS THEY WERE ONLY WEARING THEM IRONICALLY. An 18 year old walking with a Dyson might be making some sort of artistic statement on the dirt in the world today. But at 41? At 41 everyone will just assume your wife kicked you out.

And it works in the other direction too! Some 70-something talking about the latest Death Grips album will make everyone laugh! Do it as a 41 year old? All you get are sneers. "Stop acting so ratchet, someone's dad!" they'll laugh. And how can you retort? You don't even know what "ratchet" means!

Sorry, 41. You've hit a place from which there is no coming back. All you can do is embrace it, and try to keep your house clean, and fire up the vacuum every time someone tries to talk about anything older than 1998.