Energy Take Classic 5pc Speaker System

by wootbot


This new restaurant sounds great.

5-course, price-fixed menu:

Course 1: Energy Take speaker chips served with spinach and low distortion dip.

Course 2: Cup of cream of Energy Take speaker soup, garnished with keyhole slots, threaded inserts, and rubber bumpers for mounting.

Course 3: Baked Energy Take speaker cake, served on bed of rice, sprinkled with aluminum-dome tweeter aioli.

Course 4: Energy Take Speaker pan seared at dynamic frequency, drizzled with distortion reduction sauce, served with potato.

Course 5: Brandied Energy Take Speaker, served with almonds and ice cream.

Note: All of our food is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and resonance-free. However, for those allergic to audio equipment and/or choking, it is strongly advised that you dine elsewhere.