Fila Men's or Women's Water Skele-Toes

by wootbot

Protect The Feet

Fila Skeletoes: great for foot models, and for normal people too! 

Sandals? You want ME to wear SANDALS to the beach? I'm sorry, maybe you don't know who I am. Here, let me take off my shoes. Yes, that foot does look familiar, because it's appeared in nearly 8,000 ads worldwide. That's right, I'm Trent Toesly, the internationally famous foot model, and so wearing something as pedestrian as SANDALS to the beach is out of the question, you understand?

I need more protection than that. I need something that can get wet, something with a drainage system to avoid moisture build up. Also, I need something minimal with an outsole for traction. I can't be worried about slipping and breaking my foot on a wet rock when I'm wading into the ocean. But most importantly, I need something that keeps the toes separate. I'm a foot model, after all. A little bit of chafing could cost me hundred of thousands of dollars.

So, do you have anything like that?