Fila Men's Performance Hoody - 4 Styles

by wootbot

Being A Hoodie

It's the hoody that's taking the blogosphere by storm!

Welcome to my new blog! As some of you already know, I'm a bit of a hoodie, and I've been in search of the perfect hoody for a lonnnnnnng time. Just me being a typical hoodie, I guess! HA! Whatcha gonna do?

I'll go anywhere for the right hoody, and I'm always up for trying a new one. When I hear about a new hoody place, I've just gotta see what they've got. I can't resist! Hold me back! Hold me back! JK. Anyway, I don't know what it is! I just love the hoody!

Yeah, I know, I know, I'm a pretty big hoodie. GUILTY! I guess that's just what makes me ... me! I love wearing things that are warm and comfortable. I just can't help it. I know that not everyone is a hoodie, but for those of us who are hoodies, we can't stop!

So, what's this blog about? When I see a hoody I really like, I'll tell you about it, or, if you're lucky, I might even take a picture of it. I don't know! I guess I just want to share my love for a good hoody so that everyone can experience it.

I'm also realllly looking forward to meeting some of you other hoodies out there. Anyone who's a hoodie knows it's more than just wearing a hoody ... it's a lifestyle, and I'm so glad all of us that like to wear a hoody can come together, sharing our stories. It really makes me feel good, y'know? I love seeing your comments, and videos, and all of your hoody love! It totally brings out the hoodie in me!

So, let's start this out right! I've got this AMAZING hoody for you today: it's called the Fila Men's Performance Hoody, and the polyester fleece is so warm and comfortable, and it's even got a kangaroo pocket. AHHHHH! I think I'm in hoody love. Could this hoody be a hoodie dream come true? I don't know, but I like it a lot, and you know me -- I LOVE a good hoody. LOL!