Frequent Flyer 3-Pc Luggage Set-3 Colors

by wootbot

First-Class All The Way

I'm sorry, sir, I can't possibly admit you to the Commodores' Lounge. But your luggage is always welcome.

You see, this luxury waiting area is only for premium passengers. The Commodores' Lounge strives to maintain a certain level of distinction and taste. We only admit the true flying elite.

With their rugged but refined ABS hardside exteriors and their elegant rolling wheels, the three pieces of your American Airlines Frequent Flyer Luggage Set certainly qualify. We'd be happy to host such exquisitely cultivated travelers at any of our Commodores' Lounge locations worldwide. Roll right this way, please, gentlebags.

But I'm afraid I can't say the same about you, sir. Please take your flip-flops and your Bud Light hat and your THONG INSPECTOR t-shirt and wait in the preflight holding pen with the rest of the herd. You're bothering the American Airlines Frequent Flyer Luggage.