Gear Pro 720p HD Sport Action Cam

by wootbot


The Gear Pro caught it all.

Tucker Sanderson sat in the courtroom with a smug grin smeared across his face. The accusations against him: completing several BMX tricks nasty enough to be considered criminal. 

But he wasn't going to prison, not with the prosecution's limited evidence against him. He only ever performed his tricks alone in abandoned skate parks in the dead of night. Just once had someone ever witnessed him, but she didn't even get a good look at his face and had failed to pick him of a criminal lineup.

Tucker was home free. He already had plans for the evening. Probably get a burrito, then head over to the dried up town pool on Harrelson Ave to do a couple wall tips, can cans, front flips, tuck no handers, abubacas, and finish it all off with a perfect tail whip into a superman. After that he'd stash his bike in the old hiding spot and retire for the night to his Airstream Trailer.

But the prosecution had other ideas. "I call to the stand my final witness," said the Lawyer, "Mr. Sanderson's Gear Pro 720p HD Sport Action Cam."

Suddenly, Tucker felt trapped. It was a feeling that would only grow stronger in the coming days.