Giant Monkey Invasion!!! (And How To Build Your Own)

by Jason Toon

"It was May 11, 2011 - a day like most any other day," writes wooter Maniacmous in his account of buying and opening Woot's most recent Bag O'Crap. Little did Maniacmous know that clicking that big orange oval would set in motion a chain of events that brought this monumental visitor into his home.

Read on for the story behind the Giant Woot Monkey Cut-Out, an epic tale of vision, toil, and plywood...

Woot's own Travis Moneta was the master builder who conceived and built not one, but three such works of art. "I first created a budget of $90 for all three and went to the store for supplies," he says. "Upon my return from Home Depot, I drew the monkey on paper and put gridlines on it. I took the gridlines and scaled them up for the 8x4 boards."

"I then cut, sanded, painted the wood and attached brackets," Travis continues.

The result is the trio you see before you. Bask in their majesty. C'mon, c'mon, make with the basking already.

But did you notice something a little different about the monkey in red? Take it away, Travis: "I created a value-add side project for the red caped monkey. I made a belt that displays one of 26 letters. Most people change the letter to the first letter of their first name before they put their face behind the monkey and take their picture."

We know the black-caped monkey found a good home with Maniacmous. But what about the other two? "The green one is flying to Vegas and will be on tour at Zappos for an unspecified length of time," Travis says. "The red one will stay in Woot HQ for a while, but will most likely end up in a BoC."

So take heart, wooters. If you're jealous of Maniacmous, lazier than Travis, and don't work at Zappos, you could still experience the giant monkey experience. To get a shot at it, all you have to do is buy a future Bag O' Crap. Easy, right?

As always, share your BOC conquests and gawk at the trophies of your fellow wooters in the discussion board below.

Photos by Travis Moneta and Maniacmous.