Goal Zero Rock Out Solar Kit with Guide 10 Plus

by wootbot

The Prodigal Sun

You won't believe what celestial orb powers this speaker 

Looks like this doohickey includes a video, which means it's time for an official Woot Product Video Watchalong:

0:02 Motion graphics?? Product videos have gone so Hollywood… 

0:07 Why on Earth did he tap it like that? Who does that? 

0:09 You see, this young woman's character is meant to represent you, the discerning consumer. Her confusion is your confusion. 

0:11 Cool people don't use their words when asked a direct question. 

0:15 Much better than hiring a middle schooler to ride around on your pegs and blast songs on a boombox. 

0:19 You know what the grandeur of Mother Nature is missing? EDM! 

0:25 Wait, what? This seems important, would you please explain what he's -- 

0:26 Nevermind. 

0:30 This also seems important. Is he charging it or loading songs onto -- 

0:32 Nevermind. 

0:35 The perfect accompaniment to your next solid-color-t-shirt party.

0:39 The payoff: IT WAS ALLLLLL A DREAM! 

0:41 You see, as the voice of the savvy consumer this character's conviction in the quality of the product should parlay in your own conviction. TL;DR: Buy this. 

0:45 Oh it's SOLAR-POWERED!!!! That's really neat! Glad they saved it for the end.