Google Nexus 7 16GB Tablet (Gen 2)

by wootbot

Great For Parties

If you want pixels, boy oh BOY! This Asus Google Nexus has pixels. Pixels out the wazoo! (Wazoo not included with purchase.)

If pixels were people, this 16GB Asus Google Nexus Tablet (2.3 Million Pixels) would be in the top 130 countries in the world as sorted by population. No, really. Look at some of the very famous countries with a population of less than 2.3 million!

The Bahamas: 351,461. And people are lining up to stay there.

Gibraltar: 30,001. Who hasn't heard of their rock? Everybody knows their rock!

Vatican City: 839. And they have those cool Swiss Guards on call 24/7!

Iceland: 325,671. Freakin' ICELAND, people! ICELAND!

Qatar: 2,045,239. They bribed their way into a World Cup,and possibly the first one to be held in winter! And yet, they STILL have less population of this 10.1" Samsung Galaxy Note, assuming that pixels and people were the same thing.

If you're not convinced yet, we've got one last number for you: Macedonia: 2,062,294. You know Macedonia, don't you? Here's a hint: they once had that guy who conquered the entire known world.

So it stands to reason that, via simple mathmatical formulas, this Asus Google Nexus Tablet will be even more awesome.