Google Nexus 7 32GB Tablet

by wootbot


We're way past a trilogy here.

A lot of blockbuster franchises don't make it past number three, but not the Google Nexus Tablet! No way, this thing is seven in and shows no signs of slowing down. But, if you're just tuning in now, don't worry. We'll get you up to speed. Here's what happened with the previous six Nexuses:

Nexus: high school-aged Nexus and his four buddies have a dream weekend planned - two nights at Nexus's stepdad's cabin on the beach. Unfortunately, the cabin is currently occupied in secret by Hal Hinnford, an escapee from a local insane asylum and former chainsaw salesman, and it looks like Nexus and his friends won't be getting out on the beach. In fact, they're lucky to get out… WITH THEIR LIVES! 

Nexus II, College of Terror: Having sworn each other to secrecy concerning their run in with Hal Hinnford, Nexus and his buddies go off to college without a soul knowing about their terrifying summer exploits. Except Hal himself, who is, in fact, working at their new school… AS THE DEAN OF FACULTY! 

Nexus III, Burroughed Alive: Nexus and his friends graduate from college alive and in one piece and move to New York, where they struggle to pay rent, meet girls, and hold down steady jobs. But they're not the only ones who've relocated to the Big Apple. Hal Hinnford has resigned his position as dean of faculty to follow the boys. But they wouldn't recognized him if they saw him… BECAUSE HE HAD TO GET INTO GREAT SHAPE FOR HIS ROLE IN JERSEY BOYS!

Nexus IV, Nexus in Space: Nexus and his friends are in space and so is Hal Hinnford. No real explanation for how they got there or why.

Nexus V, Wedding Bells: Nexus is getting married! Can you believe it? Everything seems to be going off without a hitch. Until Hal Hinnford shows up to the wedding uninvited and… GIVES A REALLY NICE TOAST! 

Nexus VI, The Nextus: Nexus's little brother is in high school and he's having some trouble with members of the opposite sex. But don't worry, former ladies man turned chainsaw salesman turned insane person turned okay dude Hal Hinnford is here… TO GIVE HIM HEARTFELT ADVICE! 

There, now you know exactly what you're getting yourself into!