Gorilla 16,800 mAh Battery Pack w/LED Screen

by wootbot

No Mist

A reasonable amount of backup power corrupts reasonably. Which isn't too hard to deal with, overall.

Ah, my people! I, General Lee Anizeguy welcome you on this first day of the new regime! With the help of my Gorilla army, I and my men survived in the wild for at least a full cycle longer. And today, we finally have the power we deserved! Our first act... to find a plug!

Because, really, that's what this was all about. Not that we didn't love being Gorilla warriors out there in leafy forest. It was really relaxing to just sit by the pond and check email, knowing that our tablets and smartphones were both getting charged at the same time. I even made use of the included Lightning-to-micro adapter to charge my iDevice. It was great! Like a little vacation!

It's just that, at some point, we had to return to charge our Gorilla Power Banks back up to full again. And we figured, as long as we were here, we might as well just overthrow the corrupt leadership and and start anew. So we did! And then we used their plugs! And now, since our Gorilla Power Banks are all charged up, we're going back into the forest again.

See you as soon as the charge runs out. Oh, and hey, maybe set up a free election? Whatever. We can talk about that next visit.