GUNNAR Optiks RPG Gaming/Computer Eyewear

by wootbot

Driving. Reading. Perusing fine details. All things people by glasses for IRL. All things gamers do every day.

You shouldn't be ashamed that your eyes aren't up to the task of finding that camping jerkface on the other side of the map. Be happy! Gaming technology has come so far that our frail meatspace bodies can't keep up! That's a wonderful thing! But it's also a thing that'll cost you a win when you most need those bragging rights. Which is why your meatspace shell needs some freakin' gaming glasses already.

And guess what? Glasses are in right now! Nerd chic is all over, from comic book movies to a worldwide Doctor Who release. Wearing glasses actually makes you LESS likely to get beat up, a far cry from the 1980s of old! When the other gamers see you in the lightweight magnesium-aluminum armoring, they'll feel a twinge of fear. Why? Because you'll not only look like a nerd... you'll be PROUD OF IT.

That's an edge that a faded Punisher t-shirt just can't bring to the table any more, you know?