Guy Fieri Knives - 3 Styles

by wootbot

What a Guy!

Guy Fieri knives. Or "Gnives" as we call them.

How good are these Guy Fieri knives? So good that, well, we're not sure we should be saying this… but, um, in our test kitchen we noticed something odd.

A day after using these knives, we came in to give them a second try. But we couldn't. Because the food… was already prepared. The onions, minced. The garlic, pulverized. The meat, sliced. The fruit, diced. And we hadn't done anything. The knives sat there, clean. 

So, what happened? Here's our theory: these Guy Fieri knives are so amazing that the food just accepted its fate, gave up, and prepared itself. It was just like, "Ugh! Forget it! Why pretend like this isn't going to end in any other way than us being a part of a tasty meal!" So it saved us the trouble.

Either that, or Todd came in early, did the prep, and then cleaned the knives. But c'mon, that's ridiculous! Why would Todd do that?