Hi, Hivemind: The Woot Writers Talk To Reddit (And You)

by Jason Toon

Ever wondered how Woot's writers crank out all that Woot-Off copy, or what products are the hardest to write about? OK, you probably haven't. But by request of some members of our favorite social linksharing community, now you can find out anyway. Woot's writing team invited Reddit to ask us almost anything today, sparking over 500 comments and landing the discussion on Reddit's front page. We're blushing.

Thanks for having us, Redditors. We had a great time, even though we had to cut it short after a while so we could do our real jobs. But if you missed our five-man Redditastical jam, post your question below and we just might deign to acknowledge you. Forget talking about products - now you can talk about talking about products!