His & Hers Stuhrling Original Skeleton Watches

by wootbot

Costume Contest

Everyone knows you're just going to that Halloween party for the booze and the candy, so wear this watch and call it a day.

Listen, you'll be damned if someone is going to require you to wear a costume anywhere. And you'll be damned times infinity if someone is going to require you to wear a costume to a Downton Abbey-themed costume party.

So here's what is and isn't going to happen. You're not going to slick your hair back, rent a pair of tails and show up as a proper English footman. You're not even going to get one of those t-shirts with the tuxedo printed on the chest. You're going to wear your usual basketball shorts and hooded sweatshirt combo and then wrap one of these watches around your wrist.

Then if the host or another guest comments on your lack of costume, you can point out the fact that you're wearing a SKELETON watch. If they still won't desist, you can distract them by telling them about the polished stainless steel, automatic self-wind movement and the fact that it's water resistant up to 165 feet.

And if, after all that, they still won't stop riding you, do it all over again. Only this time in a fancy British accent.