Home.Woot: The Deals Are Coming From INSIDE THE HOUSE

by Jason Toon

Living woot is the best revenge, they say. Or they will say, anyway, once they get a load of Home.Woot, the newest star radiating its glory across the Wootiverse, launching today. We've never been content just to colonize your computer desk or your media center, but now we're really gonna hit you where you live.

Today it starts with the Metrokane Rabbit Supreme Crystal Wine Glass 4-Pack. But that won't be where it ends.

You're now one step closer to living the total Woot lifestyle. When you wake up in the morning, when you sit down to eat, when you lay your head at night, yes, even when you shower... we'll be there. And we'll be bringing along some of the top brands in homegoods at the lowest prices on the web.

It's too late to lock the door. Don't bother calling the landlord. Home.Woot is moving in. To stay. So what kind of cable channels you get around here?