Honeywell HEPAClean™ 3-in-1 Tower Air Purifier

by wootbot

C'est Moi

I, Lancelot. Bravest of the Knights of the Round Table! And yet, what I have done sullies the very air that I breathe.

Oh, what a terrible thing! I have sinned greatly! I fear not even the Honeywell Air Purifier can cover what I have done! What? What? You would know my mistake? Sigh. I suppose I must indeed make amends by telling my tale.

My king. My brother. My lord. He... he ordered a pizza with garlic and anchovies, and left me some cash to pay for it while he stepped out to buy some beer. And I... I opened the door, and took the pizza... AND ATE IT! I ATE IT ALL! SO GREAT WAS MY HUNGER! WHAT FOOL I TO BREAK A FELLOW'S TRUST!

Anyway, now the whole place smells like garlic and anchovy so when he comes in, he's gonna be all "Where's the pizza" and I'll have to explain what a jerk I am. So, instead, I fired up this Honeywell Air Purifier to reduce the airborne particles and the smell and the bacteria and stuff, and also make the room smell normal again. Then I'll just be all "Wow, Arthur, this pizza's taking FOREVER! I'm gonna call 'em." and then place another order in secret. So he'll never know.

Sure, I'll feel bad, but c'mon. It's just a pizza, right? Not like I hooked up with his girlfriend or anything.