HP 14" Dual-Core Chromebook with Free 4G

by wootbot

I'd Rather Be Chrome

We had a whole bunch of ideas for what do call this sale! So many we couldn't use 'em all!

This HP Chromebook is light, speedy, and comes with a 200MB of Free 4G (HSPA+) for two years data plan. It's made for traveling! And yet, our dumb ol' writing team focused entirely on the name. Go figure.

Anyway, they couldn't decide which concept would be best, so they asked us to set 'em all up and let YOU choose your favorite! Take a look and help 'em out, won't you?

Chrome On The Range - A drill sergeant takes her HP Chromebook with her to the firing range, with hilarious consequences!

Chrome Sweet Chrome - At a candy manufacturing plant, an up-and-coming confectioner uses his HP Chromebook to look up a magical recipe, with hilarious consequences!

Chrome Boy - A young man gets his first HP Chromebook and joins an HP Chromebook gang, with hilarious consequences!

Chromely - Beauty is in the eye of the HP Chromebook, as one group of shallow high school students are about to find out, with hilarious consequences!

Fly Away Chrome - A young girl from New Zealand tries to save some baby geese by teaching them to use the 802.11a/b/g/n Dual Band Wireless Networking to show them the proper migratory patterns, with hilarious consequences!

Chrome Is Where The Heart Is - Doctor's save a woman's life by transplanting her soul into an HP Chromebook. Maybe she goes evil. Oh, and with hilarious consequences too. Gotta have that part!