HP 14" Dual-Core i5 ProBook

by wootbot

A Whole New Laptop-Game

Congrats, kid. Welcome to the pros.

Well, look at this. After so many years, you've finally upped your game, and now here you are with an HP 14" Dual-Core i5 Probook. Bet you think you're special, don't cha? No more amateur laptopping for you because you're now using a Probook.

Let me tell ya, you want to make it here, you've gotta work. You've got to put in 110% each and every day -- do you hear me? We can't have you lollygagging around, taking advantage of this HP Probook's 14" HD LED-backlit display and 4GB DDR3 memory. No! We need you in top shape. Remember: you're a pro now.

Say goodbye to your amateur laptop. You're no longer using your old programs, your old technology. We're talking Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL, a 160GB hard drive, and even Intel HD graphics! You're now going to be able to do what you need, when you need it, and I expect you to act like it!

So get your butt in the locker room, put your uniform on, and plug in your Probook because if you want to make the most out of your time here, we're gonna need you to be in peak physical laptopping condition. Wait! Before you go, drop down and give me 50 words per minute.