HP 15.6" AMD A6 Quad-Core Notebook - Red

by wootbot

Great For Parties

The perfect gift for all those people for whom you don't have a gift for yet!

You almost ready? Mick's party started an hour ago.

"What time are they eating?"

Not immediately, but c'mon, we don't want to be late. We've gotta get the food while it's fresh!

"Okay, okay. Do we have everything? You get the wine?"

Ha! No. I did better than wine this year.

"What'd you get?"

I got them this HP Laptop.

"You did what?"

Every year, Mick and Melinda have their big dinner party. Every year, we bring the same old boring wine. Okay, that one year we brought spinach dip, but everyone brings dip, so I figured, hey, this year, we'll get them something that's actually useful: a laptop!


Wait wait, before you object, keep in mind this isn't just any laptop. It's got 4GB DDR3 memory and a 750 GB SATA hard drive. And it’s such a great color! How could they say no?

"We're not bringing them a laptop."

But it's even got Windows 8.1! You telling me this here is a bad laptop?

"No, it's probably a perfectly good laptop."

Exactly. They’ll love it.

”Well... okay, then. But only if we can package it in a breadbowl.”

That’s fair. We gotta keep it classy.