HP 17.3" Full HD i7 TouchSmart Laptop

by wootbot

Who Do We Appreciate?

Be the first Windows 8 expert on your block. And maybe the last.

Sure, you could devote your time to learning how to speak Mandarin, or play the guitar, or knit. But that wouldn't really set you apart from the herd, would it? Literally billions of people do those things. Zzzzz....

Now, mastering Windows 8 is the kind of pursuit so trivial that, essentially, nobody has bothered to do it. With this HP TouchSmart Laptop, that nobody could be you!

Picture the funny looks your "Windows 8 Ninja" business card will get. Imagine the reaction you'll get at parties when you tell people you've spent hundreds of hours exploring every nuance of Windows 8. You could even make up a little badge or medal to wear around, proclaiming your intimate Windows 8 expertise everywhere you go. Believe us, everyone will remember you - they'll probably even tell all of their friends!

Stay stuck in the rut of your anonymous, undistinguished, frankly unnecessary life - or explode onto the scene in a cloud of rounded-cornered touch tiles and built-in Bing search? Or just enjoy a pretty burly laptop at a great price, I guess, but where's the fun in that?