HP 17.3" Quad-Core i7 Laptop

by wootbot

Seven Pounds of Computing Power

Lightweight laptops are for lightweights.

A two-pound laptop is fine for sharing your favorite petits-fours recipes on Pinterest, or checking on the latest twists and turns in the Justin-Selena breakup. But when the silicon hits the road, when you need high-performance performance, is that little brushed-aluminum fashion accessory really going to manhandle the 1s and 0s into line?

Don't risk it. You need a heavy-duty beast like the HP M7-1015DX. From the 17" screen to the 1TB hard drive, from the SuperMulti DVD±RW drive to the Intel Core i7-3610QM quad-core processor, this is the muscle car of laptops, the brawny behemoth that can steamroll any computing task you throw in its way. Sure, sometimes it's fun to zip around in a Mini Cooper - but you wouldn't want to take one off-road, would you?