HP ENVY 15.6" AMD A10 Touchsmart Laptop

by wootbot

A Woot Classic Moment

We’re having so much fun being lazy reading these old write-ups that we’ve decided to share them with you through the end of our 10th birthday month! Check out this refurb- uh, classic.

X-Trail! X-Trail! See All About It! (October 2006): Sadly, many of us never get to know our neighbors. We dash from our cars to our front doors without giving a thought to those around us. But it’s amazing what you can learn about your neighbors when you just take the time to conceal yourself in some shrubbery and observe. And that goes double when you’re armed with the Barska 20×50 WA X-Trail Binoculars.

With a wide-angle field of view and 20x magnification, you’ll be able to see exactly what your neighbors are up to, particularly those who leave their drapes ajar. What’s that guy across the street snorting off of his kitchen table? Every time the meter-reader stops by Mrs. Warnock’s house, he’s there for at least two hours – what can he possibly be doing? You’ll learn the answers to these questions and more in delicious detail, through the Barska X-Trail’s multi-coated ruby lens.

From afar, your neighbors might seem like excruciatingly dull non-entities – but peer deeply into their lives and you’lll see that each one has his or her own peculiar story, his or her own unique heartbreaks and triumphs. Once you get to know your neighbors with the Barska 20×50 WA X-Trail Binoculars, you might even decide to move.