HP ENVY 15.6" Core i7 TouchSmart Laptop

by wootbot

The Magic Store

I never go to the movies without my laptop, so I can watch something good.

Ugh, the sheer intolerable boredom of sitting through the latest Hollywood blah-buster! All I want is to sit in a darkened, windowless room with strangers, maybe enjoy a nine-dollar Coke. But I guess I can't do that without having to suffer through the likes of Thundercats: Dark Meow or Hagar the Horrible 3: Norsefeathers.

Fortunately, I distract myself from the tedium the same way I do at any coffee shop, laundromat, or wedding: with my HP Envy laptop. I just load that 1TB hard drive up with stuff I actually want to watch, and as soon as the lights go down, I'm whisked away on a magic carpet of dreams to a wondrous realm of the imagination - and away from the awful mess oozing all over the giant screen.

Do people get mad? Sometimes, but they get over it. I've never had any real trouble. Oh, I should mention, I'm 6'5" and a professional cage fighter. That helps.