HP ENVY 17.3" Quad-Core i7 Laptop

by wootbot


HP, let us language lovers salute you for not calling this HP ENVY 17.3 inch Quad Core Laptop something more text-friendly and horrible ... like, say, "NV."

We'll happily admit that language is made to change. That's the beauty of our species, right? We can reason, solve problems, and come up with better and more original solutions as our brains evolve. This allows us to move from "The droghte of march hath perced to the roote," to "Oooo, lousy Smarch weather!" But there's evolution, and then there's laziness. And, HP, in the creation of this here ENVY Laptop, you've done a great thing that most computer companies refuse to do: you've used a real, honest-to-goodness WORD.

Sure, you could have stopped at the 12GB DDR3 memory and 1TB SATA hard drive and said "Let's do something new! This one's gonna be called The DyveBรถmb!" It would have been easy to glance at the Anti-Glare LED-backlit display and sign off on "Cobra Domino: Platinum Shock, Temporal Panic Experience, Unit Zero: Gold". So many other, lesser computer manufacturers do that very thing each and every day, and get away with it too.

But you didn't, HP. You stood your ground and said "802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi? Quad speakers? WiDi ready? Windows 8? This is the sort of laptop some people will be jealous about! Let's call it- what it actually is."

And you even resisted the temptation to reduce that word to two letters. Just- bravo, HP. Not every company could be this brave. Brav. Freakin'. O.