HP ENVY Six-Core Desktop w/ 10GB RAM

by wootbot

National Buy This Computer Day

Get your obscure holidays in order.

With this Friday being National Donut Day, we are reminded of the holidays that many people often forget. From Felt Hat Day (9/15) to National Maple Syrup Day (12/17) to Ear Muff Day (3/13), it's hard to keep track of all of the days that deserve to be celebrated. But if you've got this HP ENVY Six-Core Desktop Computer at your side, you'll have the tools you need to stay on top of the holidays.

As far as holiday-planning computers go, it's hard to beat this one. The 3.5 GHz Hexa-core processor gives you plenty of speed to update your calendar with plans for No Socks Day (5/8), and you'll be able to catch up with all of your friends named Joe on National Joe Day (3/27).

If you'd rather spend your holidays educating people on what they're celebrating, the 1TB space of hard drive gives you all the space you need to store and collect photos and video footage for Learn About Butterflies Day (3/14). Once you decide on what you want to put on your informational holiday fliers, the 10 GB DDR3 memory makes it easy to multitask so that you can get all of the necessary facts for Step In a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day (1/11) and National Inane Answering Message Day (1/30).

Considering all of the benefits this HP ENVY Six-Core Desktop Computer offers, we're surprised it too doesn't have its own holiday. Maybe if you buy enough of these, it'll get one. Unlikely, but who knows? We strongly recommend you try.