iGo Charger with 12 AA & 8 AAA Batteries

by wootbot

Math Lesson

12AA + 8 AAA = iGo. Man. That's some serious algebra going on there.

Okay, okay, don't panic. You can figure this out. Just think back to high school. You were there in Calculus class, sitting right across from Suzanne Jenkins, and she had on that blue jacket and was smiling because she noticed you looking at her big poufy hair, and you wrote her initials down in your notebook just as the teacher was saying... AW, CRAP what WAS it he SAID?

No, no, don't give up. Picture a field of batteries. Yeah, make it logical. 12 AA batteries, floating around a charger. And now, here are 8 AAA batteries! Ha ha! And they're rechargeable too! And they're passing the iGo charger, with a 4-position charger! Whee! Wheeeeee!

There, that's made it easier. I can remember now. My teacher was saying that G is a gravitational constant, and that i means something's imaginary. So iG must then be imaginary gravity, right? Which has to equal zero, because who ever heard of imaginary gravity? Ha! It was a trick question! And that means the remaining o would equal... twenty different batteries that can be charged in any combination and hold a charge for up to 7 years!

And I guess A equals one or something. Yeah, one. One never changes anything. Welp, problem solved!