Introducing Woot Avatars, You Freaked-Out Maniacs

by Jason Toon

Ever wished you could put a face to a username on our message boards? And furthermore, have you wished that face would be bizarre, unsettling, and maybe a little cute? Then you and your similarly-inclined pals are going to love our new Woot forum avatars. Someday, when people talk about 2010 as the post-avatar era, it won’t have anything to do with James Cameron.

Yes, from now on your forum posts will be accompanied by a unique cartoon grotesquerie created by slam-bang all-star illustrator Will Guy, aka Goopy of goopymart and Sea Chimp fame. You can choose from five different designs on your shiny new member profile page (oh, yeah, you can read about that whole deal in another blog post). They’re automatically generated from heads, arms, legs, tails, antlers, tentacles, beards, claws, and other parts drawn by Goopy, so every avatar is completely unique. Goopy gave us enough parts for something like 70 quadrillion combinations (seriously).

No, you can’t make your own. You didn’t get to choose your real-life face before you were born, did you? But those who prefer to live in a Huxleyan dystopia of embryo engineering and designer cheekbones can also choose your flattering Facebook, Twitter, or Gravatar avatar instead, right there on the member profile page. Again, see the other blog post for more about that.

What does your forum avatar look like in the wild? Just post below (like we needed to encourage you to do that) and take a look. To see a higher-res version of it, or to choose a different one, get thee hence to your profile page: go to and, assuming you’re logged in to Woot, it’ll default to your profile page. To see someone else’s profile page, add their username to the URL after the last slash, like this: Toon.

OK, you’ve seen my pink-eyed, bouffanted, fuzzy-faced, insectoid self – now show me yours!