Invicta Russian Diver Watch

by wootbot


In 2013, it's not just about knowing what time it is. It's about knowing what time it is ... with style.

Today, the world recalls many great Russians. Peter the Great, who made Russia a major power. Vladimir Putin, who entertained the Internet by fighting a tiger on the moon with his rock band. Nicolai Dante, the man too cool to kill. And the Russian Diver who swam up to our buyer and said "Hey, how much would you give me for this sweet watch?"

To be fair, it sounded more like "Эй, сколько бы вы дать мне для этого сладкие часы!" which led to a weird situation where our guy thought the diver was just coughing, but that's the kind of thing that's bound to happen with cross-cultural situations, right? And, anyway, Russians are tough, so he just laughed when they hooked up a defibrillator and zapped him. Then, over a few shots of vodka, the Russian and our buyer became friends, and talked about the Invicta Russian Diver watch.

Turns out it's NOT just for divers, and it's NOT just for Russians! Turns out, it's the kind of watch that ANYBODY can use. Yes, it's got big numbers that are easy to read while dodging fish and it's water resistant to 330 feet, but is that really what you want in a watch? Probably not!

What you do want is a watch that makes you look stylish and tough, a watch that makes you seem at home in both the club and while fighting off a shark driving a truck full of gasoline straight at your nephew's apartment. No, seriously, have you ever looked at YouTube? Because that kind of thing happens ALL THE TIME in Russia.

For real, CCCP actually stands for "Cerious Crazy Citizens, People." But boy, do they know how to tell time.