ISO 7X Isometric Workout Bar

by Wootbot

Big Journeys Start With Tiny Steps

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. With an ISO 7X Isometric Workout Bar, you’d have just finished your workout.

What are the two worst things about working out? The first is that you’ve got to go somewhere else, and the second is that you’ve got to take a long time doing it. After waking up late to a nice sunny day, sure, a little jog is easy! But what about when there’s some gloomy thunderstorm, or when you woke up at 5am because of the traffic, or when you spent all day getting yelled at for someone else’s mistake? What about the kind of day when you just want to order a pizza and veg out with the television? On a day like that, you’ve got to have the willpower of a Green Lantern to drag yourself down to the gym.

But seven seconds? A human being can endure seven seconds of anything. And that’s the glory of the ISO 7X Isometric Workout Bar. It packs a targeted workout into roughly the time it takes to open a bag of potato chips.

Of course, this ISO 7X Isometric Workout Bar isn’t a magic wand. You’ll still have to remember to take it out of the closet and do the 36 different exercises. But it’s heavy duty steel, so it’ll survive well, and if you leave it out next to the television… well, the ISO 7X Isometric Workout Bar won’t ever replace a strict long term diet and exercise plan, but it sure can upgrade sitting on the couch.

And if you can’t dig up at least seven seconds of effort as you watch your Xena DVDs, maybe you just don’t deserve Lucy Lawless.


Warranty: 90 Day Ontel

Condition: New


  • Uses Isometrics – The fastest way to build strength and lean muscle
  • 36 different exercises for a total body workout
  • Just 7 seconds per exercise
  • Compact – Store it anywhere
  • Heavy-Duty steel construction
  • Calibrated strength meter
  • Durable nylon pull straps
  • Comfort grip handles
  • Dimensions: 35"(L) x 2"(H) x 4.5"(W)
  • Product Video

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  • Ontel ISO 7X Isometric Workout Bar
  • Exercise Chart