iSThatAllThereIs? Rejected Names for the iPad

by Team Chuckle!

If you heard about Apple's big announcement yesterday for their super duper new tablet through some awesome liveblog or something, you might've been a little underwhelmed by the name choice. Some of you may have even gone so far as to imply the name sounds a bit like a feminine hygiene product, in which case congratulations: you and 3 million other people on the internet were in sync for several hours.

But it got us thinking: with a name as corny (and prone to horrible monologue jokes from that grinning idiot hosting that show we'll never watch again) as iPad, what options did Apple pass up?

  • iTouché
  • iWantedAniPhone
  • iNeedMySpace
  • iNeverLovedYou
  • iHaveTooMuchDisposableIncome
  • iChabodCrane
  • iDitarod
  • iAmIamIamISaidIWannaGetNextToYou
  • iRape (the broccoli-like vegetable, not the horribly violent sex crime)
  • iFlat
  • iDropAppleStock
  • iFail
  • iTouch Grande
  • iCan'tUseThisStandingUp

Sure, some of those names are worse than iPad, but I personally like the sound of iTouch Grande. What would you have called Apple's new Tablet?