It's A Big Day

by Scott Lydon

When we first introduced the Quality Post system, it was designed to help add a new level to the front page. After all, in between all the cat photos and flame wars and detailed explanations of how we suck more now than we ever did before, real information can be easy to lose.

But you know what? It takes a really special person to navigate our forums and still have something to say. Be it linking to outside reviews or posting jokes that are already in the writeup which our Mod staff simply didn't bother to read, quality posts are an award of merit, given only to those who do something special. Some people would be happy with just one! But these people? They stop at nothing!



The top ten quality posters, ladies and gentlemen! Ten people who have gone above and beyond in their attempt to make our forms worthwhile. We're proud they've chosen to make our site their home, even if we weren't proud enough to actually write the number of posts on our little graph. Hey, shut up, we do a lot around here, we don't always have time for numbers. Anyway, special kudos go out to NightGhost for one thousand quality posts. That's right, one THOUSAND Dude's like the Wilt Chamberlain of our forums.

We love all our posters, of course, but there's something special about making the top ten, so congrats to everybody on that list. And NightGhost, man! Keep it up! Maybe we'll see you back here when you bust 10k?