Jakks Pacific Hi-Def Action Cam Bundle

by wootbot

Capture Every Catastrophe

How else would you relive your most painful, humiliating moments?

"Hi buddy. How are you feeling?"

"Nnngh. I'm OK, still a little sore."

"Yeah, that was quite a spill you took on the slopes. But I'm glad you're still in one piece. Listen, I captured the whole thing on my Jakks Pacific Hi-Def Action Cam. [Editor's note: footage not actually from this camera -- doy.]

"I don't want to see that."

"Sure you do! That way you'll be able to figure out exactly what went wrong, thanks to the detailed 720p picture and 60 FPS framerate. And I've got this little detachable video viewer, so I don't even need to plug into the hospital TV. Here we go…"

"No, really, stop…"

"Did you catch that? I think the problem starts when you crash headlong into that tree."

"Actually, I think it was before then."

"Man, I'm so glad this came with a waterproof case and 2GB SD card, or else my camera never would have made it through all this and you wouldn't be learning this valuable lesson. Now, you can see that you're doing just fine coming off the jump…"

"…In a manner of speaking…"

"But then you really just hit that tree. See, what you should have done was just not hit that tree instead. That's the lesson."

"Thank you."

"You are very welcome."