Kelty Kite 25 Woot! (or Not) Backpack

by wootbot

The Beast With Two Backpacks

Which backpack should you buy: Woot-branded or Kelty-branded? That depends on what you're carrying...

These two backpacks may seem identical except for the logos, but using them incorrectly could result in disaster. This simple but profoundly beautifully written guide explains what cargo each backpack is optimized for.

KELTY: a laptop
WOOT: a laptop covered in mold

KELTY: Vitamin Water
WOOT: Diet Dr. Zipp (12 cans for $2 at Grocery Outlet)

KELTY: a change of clothes for hitting the town after your workout
WOOT: backup D&D miniatures in case you leave your main set at Carl's Jr. again

KELTY: a high-protein granola mixture
WOOT: a Nerds Rope

KELTY: a tablet you paid $600 for
WOOT: the same tablet you paid $450 for