Kingston Brass Faucet - Your Choice

by wootbot

The Brass Standard

It's easy to get carried away with the joy of owning brass.

After using this Kingston Brass Faucet, I've made a decision. I want everything in my castle to be made of brass! I'm going to make a wish that everything I touch will turn into brass!

"But King! King! I do not want to criticize you, Your Majesty, but have you not heard the tale of King Midas? He wanted everything he touched to turn to gold, so he made a wish, his wish was granted, and everything he touched turned to gold. First, he enjoyed his new ability, with him touching things like furniture and jewelry and them turning into shiny golden furniture and jewelry, but then he touched food, and when his food turned to gold, he couldn't eat it, and when he tried kissing his wife? She turned to gold too! King Midas was left lonely and miserable with a house full of nothing but gold!"

Oh, that poor fool. That poor, poor fool... he should've wished for brass, not gold! Now fetch me my magic lamp. Chop chop!