KitchenAid Cookware Set - 2 Styles

by wootbot

Cook Happy

Oh, no, you absolutely COULD make a hobo stew in a used tin can. But... why?

It's been proven every day that food prep merely requires the bare minimum to just get buy. Want to heat a frozen pizza on tin foil with a lighter? Do a little math and you could make it happen! But, seriously, why? Why would you? Cooking is fun! Why make yourself suffer through minimums when you could just buy KitchenAid Cookware and enjoy yourself in the kitchen?

Two choices of cookware. Two choices! Two! And you can read the specs and decide on which you like better! That's living like a king, that is! No more opening a sad can of beans and lighting couch cushions on fire. No more finding a smooth stick with which you can stir your clear, watery broth as you dream of the Big Rock Candy Mountain. Today, you take a step away from that ol' tin can. Today, you become... a chef!

Well, okay, you become a person who can make spaghetti after a long day of work. But you have to start somewhere. And you might as well have nice cookware around when you do.