Klipsch 8" 350W Powered Subwoofer

by wootbot

It Could Happen

Could be a sandwich, could be a dog. How would you know without the power of quality sound?

Our senses are very important, but also easily fooled. Imagine the heartbreak of taking a bite of a delicious sandwich, only to see it turn on you and growl in anger. "What's this?" you'd say, "Where's my sandwich gone?" The only answer: it was never a sandwich. It was always... a dog.

But with a powerful Klipsch SW350 Subwoofer, it won't matter what you see. Because you'll hear! You'll hear the low rumbles of big, clear bass across the room (thanks to the 8-inch driver and Class D amplifier) and you'll be able to say OH NO I HEAR A GROWL THAT MUST BE A DOG IN A SANDWICH COSTUME and run to the kitchen for a less barky treat.

And then, once fed, you'll can turn on some smooth jazz and meditate on who you know that would do something as terrible as breaking into your house and dressing your dog up like a sandwich. What kind of maniac would even CONSIDER such a despicable act? There there, Gnaws Barksly. There there.