Klipsch G-17 AirPlay Wireless Speaker

by wootbot

Loud and Clear

Don't bother trying to explain the technical details. Just let the music speak for itself.

"Mooooooom. Gavin's using Apple AirPlay technology to play Nihilist on his Klipsch G-17 Airplay Wireless Speakers again!"

Gavin, please stop torturing your brother with obscure Swedish death metal.

"Mom! Nihilist is FAR from obscure! Do you even KNOW who Leffe Cuzner is?!"

Isn't he that little friend of yours with the stubby thumb?

"UGH! No! Leffe Cuzner is ONLY the originator of the buzzsaw guitar sound!"

That's nice, honey. Why don't you invite him over for dinner sometime?

"Don't you get it? He's like, a guitar GOD. Listen to what the distortion pedal does to the detuned guitars and how it sounds blasting through these Stereo Tractrix Horns Matted to the Titanium Compression Drivers."

Honey, you know I don't understand all that technical mumbo jumbo.

"Tweeters, MOM! I'm talking about the TWEETERS!"

Oh, I always thought they were such a lovely family. Didn't you have a crush on their daughter … what was her name … Daphne!

"You're killing me, Mom. KILLING. ME."

Wait a sec. Is that what that loud thumping noise has been all about this whole morning?

"YES! It's coming from the long-throw injection molded graphic woofers. Isn't it amazing?!"

Huh. I thought another squirrel had gotten trapped up in the attic. Anyway, you tell your friend Leaf he's welcome here any time. But you kids just try to keep it down, OK? They put your dad back on the night shift.