Klipsch In-Ear Headphones w/ Inline Mic

by wootbot

Diamond Ears

They work with Android. Not androids. What we're saying is they don't work in a robot office.

When Vincentto said that he'd stolen the Roslyn Diamond, everyone knew where he hid it: in his ear. The problem was how were you supposed to get in there? People are protective of those things. You can't just go touching a man's ears without him starting to wonder, "Is this guy going for my diamond?"

So, what did I do? I got a disguise. A really good disguise. I dressed up like his favorite pair of Klipsch In-Ear Headphones. He loved em because they were designed specifically for Android and their exclusive oval ear tips best fit the natural shape of his ears. It was perfect. I just put on all the makeup and waited next to his phone.

I stuck with it for a few days. I wasn't just going to grab the diamond and run. I needed to make sure he didn't suspect any funny business. So, he took me on his jogs and I sang his favorite songs to him. My voice wasn't as good as the Klipsch's and I didn't have their noise-isolating locks, but he didn't seem to notice.

And you know what, I really loved being his earbuds. In fact, even now that I stole the Roslyn Diamond from him and sold it for 11.4 million, I still look back on that week when I was a pair of Klipsch as the best week of my life.