Kodak AA or AAA Alkaline Batteries 72pk

by wootbot

Don't Be That Parent

Welcome, Nick. Welcome to the HALL OF FAILED PARENTS.

"What? What am I doing here? I don't belong here. I bought my kids all the junk they wanted. Last thing I remember I was falling asleep while they were playing in the other room."

"You may be able to deceive yourself, Nick, but I see all."

"No. No, I don't belong here!"

"You do, Nick. Deep down you know you do, for despite the awesome gifts you gave your kids you failed to provide adequate batteries for them to power their new gadgets and gizmos. You should've picked up a Kodak AA or AAA Alkaline Batteries 72-Pack."

"But I thought batteries were included!"

"Ignorance is no excuse, Nick."

"So now I'm forever on display in this Hall of Failed Parents? That seems excessive! I tried to be a good parent! The punishment doesn't fit the crime!"

"Well, to be honest I agree. But the Hall is run by kids, and kids are pretty knee-jerk when it comes to these kinds of judgments. One lady's in here just for making her 4-year-old wear shoes to the park."