Kyocera 6-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

by wootbot

The Allegory Of The Ceramic Knives

At last, you can cut your food without fatigue! Also maybe consider not making six dinners a day.

To be human is to be a mysterious creature; we live, we laugh, we love, we contradict ourselves endlessly. And still, we find a way to hold two opposing truths in our minds simultaneously, joining them as one. We work to earn enough so that we can afford to not work! We drive to place to be alone and build a hotel there so everyone can join us! How do we do it? THE POWER OF THE MIND!

So do not fear when your brain pauses a moment at the words "cutting fatigue." That's merely your natural brain machine solving the puzzle these ceramic blades place before you. Of course, you think, I've never felt particularly tired while cutting my meat and vegetables. But can you be sure? Did the plowhorse know he was tired until the yoke was lifted from his haunches? Did the plowman even know that you don't attach a yoke to the haunches of a horse until someone came to explain it to him? No! These things must be discovered by someone somewhere for the very first time!

Don't continue to suffer from the exhaustion you don't fully comprehend is happening. Free yourself! Throw open the invisible bars! Wave your ceramic knives in the sunshine and laugh! Laugh! With a joy you never knew you could feel! As you shout the name - KYOCERA CUTLERY!

And if you don't feel any difference, maybe you're just tougher than most people. And that'll be nice to know too, won't it?