L5 Universal Remote

by wootbot

Unique Experiences

Your iThing is sleek and polished. Television is not.

Look, we're just going to come right out and say it: your iThing (iPad, iPod, any iPhone not followed by a 5) needs some new friends.

Seriously, it probably spends all day in a protective case in your pocket or in your messenger bag, right? And the only other things it connects to: your laptop, maybe a speaker dock, maybe a Wi-Fi signal. Well, all that stuff is just telling your iThing what it wants to hear, that it's awesome.

That's right: your iThing is getting an ego. It needs to come back down to earth. It needs to be introduced to something that doesn't come from its slick, minimal world. Something that can appreciate art but also enjoys some good old-fashioned trashy entertainment now and then. What we're getting at is that your iThing needs to meet your television.

That's where this L5 comes in. Just download the free app, plug in the attachment, and bang: what was once a cutting edge phone, tablet, or MP3 player is now a lowly universal remote.

And by the way, you can't just let it watch high-brow dramas on HBO all day. No, you need to take it on the grand tour. We're talking TNT, TBS, SpikeTV, USA, QVC, everything.

Sure, there's stuff that this L5 does that'll help you, too - like how it allows you to customize the size of the buttons, upload background images, choose a skin, make macros for your favorite channels, etc. - but that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about your iThing and how it needs to get out of its comfort zone.