LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine

by wootbot

The Fan of the Future

In the future, we'll have a lot of stuff to explain to our kids. What life was like before the internet. How people used to drive cars before they could drive themselves. And, of course, the idea that some people used to use fans-—no matter how cold it actually was—for white noise to help them sleep.

But now, those dark and chilly days are behind us! Now we can enjoy the sweet, soothing sound of air being gently propelled through a grate by blades without the unpleasant feeling of having that slightly-chilled air touching your skin.

And if you do need a slight breeze in addition to a soothing sound to help you keep cool at night? Well, uh, I guess you'd actually still need an actual fan for that. Just goes to show that the more things change, the more they stay the same.