LED Lenser Dual Color Flashlight

by wootbot

We know it's Christmas season right now, but this LED Lenser Dual Color Flashlight would really be best suited for Halloween.

Sure, this is a top-of-the-line flashlight. It's German Engineered with over 200 patents, and because of its red light (that helps preserve night vision) you'll often see it used by serious hunters and first responders. But if you ask us, it's probably best suited for telling scary stories.

Think about it: you're sitting outside at night with your buddies and you've got a chilling tale you wanna drop on 'em. So, you put your flashlight up to your chin and turn it on for a scary face. But that's it, right? You get that one shock at the beginning and then you need to rely on your storytelling ability to carry you the rest of the way.

NOT WITH THIS BAD BOY! You need some dramatic emphasis? Switch it to red! BAM! DOUBLE SCARY! And what's more, it's got a battery life of 3 and a half hours and it's waterproof, so it'll help you out even if you're telling a long scary story in the rain.

Also, it's really bright. So it might hurt your eyes. So don't take this as us telling you to shine it on your face. Even though we pretty much are. Ugh! Crap! ABORT! ABOOOORRRRRTTTTT!