LED Lenser T7 175 Lumen Flashlight

by wootbot

Flashlight Of Champions

The flashlight most often chosen by the world's best flashlight tag players.

Duff Finnegan here. You might know me as captain of the Memphis Muskrats, five-time Professional Flashlight Tag League championships. I'm here to tell you about one of the best flashlights on the market: the LED Lenser T7 175 Lumen Flashlight.

When I hit the field, I want a flashlight I can trust, and match after match, the LED Lenser T7 175 Lumen Flashlight has helped me and the Muskrats shine.

With its Advanced Focus System and Patented modular system, I can deliver tags with both speed and accuracy. And believe me, after 12 years in the Professional Flashlight Tag League, I know what it's like to need the right equipment.

If you want to improve your Flashlight Tag game, you're one step away. All you need is the LED Lenser T7 175 Lumen Flashlight, the only flashlight endorsed by me, Duff Finnegan.