Leupold Ventana Angled Spotting Scope

by wootbot

Scoping Out The Local Talent

Hey, creep. Yeah, I'm chirping to you. You got a staring problem or what?

Can't I just perch here and mind my own business without you staring at me through your Leupold Ventana Spotting Scope? I'm not putting on a show here, you know. I didn't leave the nest this morning so weirdos like you could scrutinize every detail of my plumage. And no, the fact that you're 100 yards away doesn't make it OK. If anything, that makes it creepier.

So I tell you what: find something else to look at or I might just have to make a special overhead delivery, if you know what I mean. And I've been eating mulberries all morning. The stain won't be easy to wash out.